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Conservatoire for Dance and Drama

Conservatoire for Dance and Drama

The schools that make up the Conservatoire are small and specialist in nature. Although this means that we may not have all of the resources available in large universities, we do have the advantage that students are known personally by all their teachers and that wherever possible we offer support tailored to your individual needs. All staff at the Conservatoire schools undergo specialist training to help support disabled students. 


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Contact Us

Tel:     020 7874 7011
Email: jon.rainford@cdd.ac.uk 

(WP and Access Co-ordinator, Working days: Monday to Wednesday)

More provision of support

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Additional details about support

Funding for SpLD Assessment

Can a student be referred for a Specific Learning  Differences  (SpLD) Assessment with a Specialist teacher or Educational Psychologist through the University and is there funding available for an SpLD assessment?

All schools provide assessments for students with SpLD’s and ensure support is provided.

Disability Adviser available

Are there specialist staff available to talk to within the service?  Is there a disability officer or a disability adviser for students to talk to?

Each school has a member of staff with responsibility for supporting students with disabilities, although they are not specialists for the most part due to the small size of the schools.  Where specialist advice is needed it is provided from external sources.

Support from academic staff

Is advice and support available from academic staff within the faculties of the University?   How do students access this advice and support?

Due to the small size of the schools and the high number of contact hours, academic staff are in close contact with their students and know them well.  In addition there are teaching staff with the responsibility for the pastoral care of each year group.

One-to-one mentoring support

Are there any additional services available such as mentoring, counselling services or a buddy scheme to help a new student to settle in if needed?

Mentoring, counselling and buddy schemes are all available to students.

Specialist Support groups

Are there specialist  support groups  or a disabled  students network available at the University?

Each school is not large enough to make this viable.

Adapted accommodation in halls

Is adapted accommodation and specialist equipment available in halls of residence?

We do not have halls of residence at the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama.

One-to-One / Group Study Skills

Does the institution provide support with arranging One to one/Group study skills sessions? 

We can provide support with arranging One to One and Group study skills sessions.